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A mall goth/punk/emo kid who stands outside of hot topic, spencers, or a somewhat obsecure store just because thats the cool hip place. mall kids also are the ones getting kicked out of the mall more then the mall rats.

mall rats > mall kids
dude look at the mallkid shes trying to be really cool and scene
by Sarrraaa April 30, 2005
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Any emo/goth child in the junior high that likes to stand outside the stores in the mall or walk around the mall for hours on end without actually buying anything.

Also known as all the sophmores at Quincy Senior High.

Also known as mall goths.
Devin is such a mall kid!
by Anita Shower November 14, 2007
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A mall kid is someone who will call the whole gangland on someone if they call them a square.

In plural mall kid turns into "mall"
Mall kid's typically hangout in malls (never buying anything) but sometimes steal.
They only wear air-force ones or Jordan's and a designer belt along with whatever they bought at good will.

The main activities of a mall kid include smoking backwoods, hitting licks(robbery), shadowboxing, ruining functions, and linking at rock.

some fun facts about mall :
They say "on my momma" 48 times a day on average
They will claim they are "with the shits"
98% of mall don't graduate high school
The average mall kid has 16 big homies, who never stopped being mall after high school.
In plural mall kid turns into "mall"

"cuddi i just got stomped by mall"
"why did you link with that mall kid"
"some kid got robbed by mall its hut"

Some things a mall kid might say:

"whats the move?"
"i cant fw lames"
"Its hut call the big homies"
"run the fade"l slid"
by itoen June 16, 2018
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