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a person who holds their skateboard by their trucks, as if they are an accessory. These people are generally referred to as posers, and have their jeans ripped from the grip tape of the board grinding on their pants.
You can usually find these posers at a local mall, and they do not know how to skateboard.
"Dude, those mall grabbers are all posers! They all cant skate you know!"

"I bet I could beat those mall grabbers any day in a game of skate with only ollies."
by phenz March 28, 2010
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Those whack-ass fools that walk up and down the mall with their skateboards... but they're holding them by the trucks.

What would posses a chump to do this: poser ass bitch!
"Shit a whole mess o' mall grabbers just rolled up to the shop!!! lock the doors and ruuuunn!!!"
by Driesle and Gwime February 07, 2009
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