Malik, also known as the "Greatest of all time" is the SEXIEST person to have existed. People named Malik are the ultimate beings with the MOST humor in the world. If you know someone with this name you shall bow to them and treat them with respect.
i love Malik
by fahnsda[dys7bdfs8 May 30, 2022
Person 1: Hey did you hear about the new kid Malik ?
Person 2: Yeah, I bet he’s a really gay faggot.
by Kayla Amoure February 13, 2022
Malik usually mean KING everyone looks up to malik he’s a great leader he’s a sexy guy with a long fat cock he has a thing for light skin girls. Malik is an Arabic name. Malik’s are also very crazy and will fucking slaughter u with a smile on his face but malik is kind and love his family just don’t fuck with them
Girls: I fucking love malik he’s handsome and his dick is so pretty and long
by Lik__ November 23, 2021
A guy with a 30 cm penis, his dick is like your arm but twice, the veins on his cock are bigger than your forehead
some random white girl: omg malik can i suck you cock
Malik:yea sure
by agazagalagamaga May 29, 2022
the gracious god who likes to lick pussies and cocks while saving the lives of those who participate in an apple smoothie party. if you ever see maliker either run or get youre bujonk ajunk licked up. if you're not horny then get ready to die. he can smell the horniest of horns there ever was so calm your tits down. hes also gay.
you : man im horny *sighs*
maliker : cum
by Shatfarter27 February 16, 2022