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The male equivalent of the irritability and general pissiness which often accompanies the natural female pre-menstrual syndrome. No known cause or cure.
Steer clear of Hans today, man--must be a case of male PMS.
by elemental June 05, 2005
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Pre-Masturbatory Syndrome
When a man doesn't ejaculate for several days and the hormone build-up causes him to become emotional and irrational.
Guy 1: I don't get it, she's been leading me on for two weeks and nothing happened and I got blue balled and now all I want to do is eat ice cream and watch The Notebook.
Guy 2: Stop being a little bitch and go crank one out, no one wants to hear you male PMSing.
Guy 1: *wipes away tears* Okay...
by Kelantar January 14, 2013
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When a guy is in a bad mood for no reason about once a month. The cause is unknown but the simptoms are yelling, making threats, ignoring people and throughing things.
Trevor has male PMS today and he dosn't know it.
by J-law March 10, 2005
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Post Masturbation Syndrome. This form of PMS is experienced by some men after they had been masturbating for a prolonged amount of time (typically 30-35 minutes). The primary symptom is a weak arm in combonation with fatigue, making it difficult to do things such as write, type, draw or use your computers mouse.
Zach: "Dude, last night I was jerkin' it right, and it took me like half an hour to finish. After, my arm felt like it was dead!"

Mike: "Dude, sounds like you got yourself a case of Male PMS".
by Vladamire Staska August 21, 2008
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