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v.making, made, going to make grandma's pizza- refers to a sexual act in which the male takes a bowl and fills it with mixed fruit. The female must then take the fruit and spread it evenly across a piece of bread. The bread is then inserted into a toaster and the male will then attempt to have sex with the toaster. He should now be burnt along with the bread crumbs and mixed fruit on his erect penis. The male will then proceed to have regular intercourse with the female with his burnt, bread crumb and mixed fruit covered penis. This gives the female and some mentally insane males with a fettish of getting his penis burnt intense pleasure.
George went to the hospital because he was making grandma's pizza with Sally and he accidentally had the toaster set at the highest setting.

Male-"Lets make some of grandma's pizza baby."
Female-"OK, do we have bread?"
Female-"Do we have fruit?"
Female-"OK then lets do this. Wait! Is it mixed fruit?"
Female-"Then forget the pizza; no sex for you."
Male-"...." *sob*
by Adamska May 10, 2006
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