make love or have a lot of sex to the point where it's as if you're trying to make a baby
"girl imma come over to your place tonight and we gon' make some babies"
"my boyfrend and i are always makin babies"
by Turtle's girl December 26, 2008
That guy who moves from one woman to the next, droppin' seed in each one. Uses excuses such as "I'm allergic to latex", "But it just feels better", and "Don't worry I'll pull out!"

Fertile women should avoid contact at all costs!
Can you believe that baby makin' fool Rodney? He just knocked up Becky, and he already has kids with Bobbi, Courtney, and Latoya. And he ain't even payin' child support for them anyway!
by Crocn'cathy April 26, 2008
Music to get you in mood for sex
"I was listening to pretty rickys cd and they got real baby makin music on there."
by MirandaM August 8, 2008
Is another Word For a Guys Dick, Your Penis.
Dude: Check out that Chick in the Corner.
Other Dude: Shes Fucking Hot.
Dude: Im going to make her Pull the trigger on my Baby Makin' Machine Gun.
by Twitch0601 March 22, 2010