Kissing... a lot. It could be defined as foreplay in some cases, though.
They were making out in the champagne room (AND THERE IS NO SEX, IN THE CHAMPAGNE ROOM)
by Drako June 23, 2003
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kissing with your mouth wide open. sometimes with toung. but that would become frenching.
ned and i had a really long makeout session today.
by vampiregothica November 20, 2007
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Passionate kissing for an extended period of time.

Usually involves tongue and can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.
Often also includes removal of certain items of clothing, dry humping, and touching/rubbing/groping of various parts of the body.
After watching the movie at his house we had a make out session for like 3 hours. I let him take off my shirt and bra and feel me up while we dry humped it was so hot I may even give him a handjob next time.
by acisica November 03, 2013
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To make out with someone is touching one another and french kissing (snogging) -> Swapping spit with another.

Making out usually lasts 5 minuets..

It much better than normal kissing (:

It makes you feel good , and you keep on wanting more ;)
i make out alot with that special boy :') (LL)
by i♥ue August 13, 2010
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Kissing with a little extra
my girlfriend (for about a month and a half now) and I were at a park in the middle of the arfternoon on a swing set. Talking then all of a sudden she comes over and sits on my lap facing me in a spider type position. She and I embrace eachother and look into eachothers eyes for about 3 seconds and then she starts kissing me. Over and over. I finally make the decision to take it a step further and add a little tounge. She gladly accepts it. The make out sesion lasted about 7 mins. I think. Haha.
It was getting late so I walked her home. I kiss her good night and say good bye.
by Aemachick August 11, 2009
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A session of consecutive kisses. Usually lasting a duration of 5 to 10 minutes in length. Can be done anywhere. Usualy intimate.
"Yo, I saw Tom and Larry making out at that party lastnight dog."
by Treble June 17, 2003
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To 'Make Out' is a form of kissing. It usually involves the toung, similar to "French Kissing", and the placement of hands on the other's body.

This act usually lasts anywhere from 2-8 minutes, and is considered an act similar to oral sex because of the exchange of bodily fluids (in the form of saliva) and the sensual reaction. This can often lead to sex.

Commonly used by: Signifigant Others, Drunken Party Goers, and Lonely People.
"She made out with him because he made her feel loved."

"Dude, she was so drunk, she make out with a tree!"
by Jax Madd Hatter December 17, 2009
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