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1- A person considered very famous, very important, well known, etc.
2- Someone who thinks and acts himself as VIP, thinks his/her personality is better and he/she has the habit of thinking that is better than everyone else and in everything else in general, but he is so cocky, he has bad companions, he does shit in front in everyone's face just for "lookin' cool" and "badazz" to show to his friends that he/she has all of it, has no talent for shit, acts like a fucknut and a cunt, wants to accomplish his wish (become famous) but his dreams and wishes will drive him/her to disaster,
Me: yesterday i had encontered some random major league personality yelling at me that he scored his goal at his first footbal training match and now he says he will become so famous cuz of it and he does shit around the crowd.
by TheKamikazeMonkeys May 25, 2016
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