An irrational affinity for shiny objects. When a highly shiny object is seen by the sufferer it often may induce a compulsive need to claim it and several minutes of staring at said object in the sun. This will later end in the sufferer pocketing the object to add to his/her collection by a sunny windowsill at home. If a shiny object is ouside of a sufferer's grasp it will usually result in an strong, though usually short-lived obsession over it.
Me: Master Chief's armor wasn't nearly as shiny as you said in the Halo 3 trailer.
Ray: yea it is it is sooooooooooooooooo shiny
Me: Magpie syndrome
by phort99 May 11, 2006
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The Magpie Syndrome is the condition of clumsiness. Resulting in having the Magpie Syndrome, you will become much clumsier than your usual self. Most likely, you will trip and fall every minute or so. The Magpie Syndrome is a very contagious condition that may be fatal. If the effects of the Magpie Syndrome are serious enough, it would be known as the Black-billed Magpie Syndrome. The Black-billed Magpie Syndrome is a branched off adaptation of the Magpie Syndrome. It contains the same effects of the Magpie Syndrome; however, the effects would result in more harmful injuries.
"Oh no, Fatima A contracted the Black-billed Magpie Syndrome! She fell over the sidewalk and now is bleeding from her forehead."
by Black-billed Magpie February 5, 2022
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