Looky Brownstains is an absolute FUCKING Mad Lad
*Insert joke about Lucas*

HaVe FuN wAlKiNg To LuNcH * dabs like a mad lad*
by W0414 November 09, 2018
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People who are having a mad sesh
Lolly and Aimee lea were proper mad lads
via giphy
by Lollyloula August 25, 2019
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A madlad is someone who does things out of the norm.
Hey you guy whos reading this, you,re not a madlad
by no good names work February 04, 2021
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when your rent a wee house up in Carlingford thinking you're the maddest cunt going with with your packet of NZ'S
here bies shes a mad lad
by Yesladeoonff September 09, 2019
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