The title of a man who needn't finish after thrusting in rhythm, with spectacular cadence for longer then 2 hours.
Fabrice the Mad-Lad.
by BiogodFab March 06, 2019
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someone who thinks they are the shit,and they think they impress everyone with their lame ass behaviour.Although they are the only ones to think this as everyone else see's the truth that they are actually really lame
He thinks he is a real mad lad,bcoz he hangs out with his crew.
by bfmb79 April 04, 2006
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Only a person with such a high IQ
And gets the jokes in Rick And Mortey is a utter mad lad
by SNACCCCCCC March 29, 2019
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Someone says, "Never bring a sword to a gunfight". Yeah, tell that to Jack Churchill. What a mad lad
by newholder December 19, 2019
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