A madlad is a dude that did something so incredibly extreme, so fundamentally unbelievable, that everyone just wonders in awe after him. Someone out of their god damned mind who did something that no sane person would have thought possible. It is often preceded by the word “absolute”.
Person: *does something incredible and impressive*
"Woah what an absolute madlad"
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by Pryzm November 25, 2020
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its just an absolute sick cunt that can do literally anything no questions asked. he or she is also usually a nice cunt (don't fuck with a mad lad)
person1: oh who's he/she
person2: ill tell ya
person1: well who is he/she
person2: he/she is a Mad Lad
by pedo fam69 June 23, 2019
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An absolute Madman, an absolute savage, pewdiepie has referred to “Dean” as a madlad. This is because “Dean” sat on the floor when he was asked to!
Maddox: So you boys are mad lads!
Boys: You too bro!
by Strikle April 26, 2019
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Used ironically for a person who thinks he did something daring/cool/rebellious but didn't.
OMG you stayed up until 9 PM? Absolute mad lad!
by Psstime May 31, 2018
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Someone who is able to do insane things with things holding them back
I.e. Christopher Aka Captain Crip
That mad lad captain crip won three awards this afternoon
by Ryan Buttersworth August 03, 2019
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Some who goes far beond for a joke.

There is a subreddit about them.
"That man is a Mad lad"
by YEAH-I'm-moist December 22, 2019
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