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Common name for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), a cattle disease that causes the brain to waste away. It takes about 4-7 years for cattle to show symptoms of the disease after being exposed to it, but once symptoms become visible the cattle die within weeks. One way this disease is spread is by feeding the meat from infected cattle to other cattle (meat from infected sheep may also cause the disease). OTHER ANIMALS...IE, FISH CAN NOT GET THIS DISEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the mad cow was angry
by johnathinssss May 04, 2007
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MAD COWs - Mums And Dads & Carers Of Wobblies. And acronym for the parents and carers of people with a disability. Originated in South Australia in 2009 by mothers at a disability playgroup.
Missy is off to her MAD COW group.

Tash is having the MAD COWs over for a BBQ.
by MMOOO!! June 07, 2010
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1. Angry cow. (Possibly see your mom).

2. BSE; Rots the brains of cows and jerks who eat cow brains. (Possibly see Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Or was that monkey brains? Whatever, it's feking weird anyway).

3. Giant lesbian who thinks she's hot. When you yank on her quadruple D breasts, she does not notice it because they're dragging on the floor already. But for some reason, skinny hot lesbians find her attractive, but she is mad because men still exist, and her vagina cannot be found by said skinny hot lesbian. If you are a man, she will not appreciate you existing.
Your mom might be mad cow type one, but she can't be mad cow type two unless your dad had sex with a straight woman who carried you to term. Unless you are a girl, then your mom may be touching you when you're asleep, on the boobies, perhaps.
by scorpionmintred December 30, 2003
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an obese unkept female who is generally found in sweatpants, gets jealous over the hottie/honey dip in the room that her man can't take his eyes off of, sometimes resulting in obvious bickering between the couple who leave the area shortly after the incident. Therefore she becomes a "mad cow" also known to be found happening with skinny ugly girls who have no boobs or personality and buck teeth, bug eyes , etc.
Madcow: has look of hate and eating chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy watching husband every eye movement and says nothing

Husband : can't control himself and incessantly stares while drooling at hotties taute firm ripe ass- leaves with raging hard on.

<mad cow > < Mad > <cow> <Madcow disease>

Honeydip to friend ; look! that Madcow and her man r leaving now
by Space cowgirl68 March 31, 2013
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A diesese which is carried through the air and turns cattles brain to the same mush your grandmother eats at her old folks home. Remember the best way to combat the diesese is to wipe front to back at all times.
Young Hick Boy: "I think that ma's sick pa'

Hick Farmer: "I reckon shes got madcow, time to close the border again (spits tobacco)"
by Schefter January 01, 2005
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a very rare and uncommon disease that some teachers possess. it consists of a white foam being released from the outer corners of the mouth, frizzy hair, and having no fashion sense whatsoever.
the spokesperson of madcow disease is "the fitz"
did u see those clown glasses mad cow was wearing?
by g-bug January 20, 2006
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