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1.a name given to a distributor of Betaphenethylamine.
2.a japanese punk/J-rock band, originally started in '85 under the name of Berrie. The earlier mad material was basically hardcore punk with a melodic edge, until the release of the 1996 4 plugs, which was more rap metal and industrial inspired. the group are currently on hiatus and are working on solo projects.
1.alright mate, you got any Betaphenethylamine?
2.mad capsule markets are your new fave band.
by KDB December 11, 2006
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A very versatile band from Japan that actually sings most of their songs in English. They play so many different styles in their songs that it's hard to say exactly what kind of band they are. I'd say they lean mostly towards metal.
If you do a search for their mp3s, look for the songs

-Midi Surf
-Sunny Beach Road
by KPurschke July 30, 2004
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