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One who accuses another as a stalker for unknown reasons.

Someone who acts strangely towards received compliments and eliminates contact with the person who complimented them; then spreads accusations of stalking

Someone who judges on outer beauty alone when considering a mate; and rejects all other advances with harsh accusations

Someone who spreads dumbfounded rumors of stalking after an acquaintance compliments them.

*The one who eliminates contact can only be referred to as a "mabler" if:

1. The complimentor provides around 2 compliments in a 1 week period before the mabler eliminates contact over Facebook or texting or school, etc.

2. The compliments themselves have no actual base to be considered stalking material. For example, the compliments cant be sexual or frequent. However, they can regard things such as beauty, performance, etc; so long as they arent too frequent
I have often times wondered why she had been such a mabler to Jeff; all he did was compliment her acting.
by AceDonald December 26, 2011
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