A little town nustled at the base of mountains. Known mainly for Liberty University, Jerry Falwell, and being part of the Civil War. There is nothing for the typical teenager/college student to do on the weekend cept maybe the dollar movies or bowling. Therefore, most go "cruising" down Wards(yes, even with gas at $3 a gallon). There are a few bars, but maybe 1 or 2 dance 'clubs' but they are overtaken by middle aged single women who've had plastic surgery and think they can still shake it *shudders*
Billy: whatchu doin?
Karen: Nothin...you?
Billy: gonna go to Lynchburg, va maybe to a movie....wanna come?
Karen: no....thats all we've done, lets find something else
Billy: there IS nothin else to do woman!

by Kelleigh April 23, 2006
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a small town in southwest, va, where there is absolutely nothing to do. The people that live here are all rednecks or ghetto. there is no shopping and the city is very run down and old. It is the worst place for any young person to live. avoid living here at all costs!
Jason: I feel like doing something this weekend, so what would you like to do?
Samantha: I duno what you wanna do?
Jason: Well,....I duno
Samantha: Oohh lynchburg, va just sucks!
Samantha: thers is just NOTHING to do here in lynchburg is there?
Jason: Nah, ther relly isnt.
by Lynchburg, VA November 02, 2006
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Extremely busy, college city, located in Central Virginia. The city is caught in a political and social cross-fire between the every-expanding Liberty University Evangelical Christian populations, the poor, blue collar locals, and many thousands of other out of town college-students. The city's population surpassed maximum carrying capacity around 2010, and the infrastructure can no longer support the ever-growing student populations. The area has limited zoning codes or enforcement and is defined by churches on ever corner, strip plaza's, gas stations, used car lots, small businesses, car washes, fast food, restaurants, apartment and townhome complexes all jumbled together, which has created a confusing road network and unattractive landscape. The downtown area is undergoing "re-vitalization" projects, but has yet to gain much attention or interest from the student or local populations due to the limited parking, and extremely high rent in this district. The political tension can be felt on the area roads with a combination of right-winger, old-south republicans, out of town students from northern states with progressive democratic views and the large Evangelical population. The economy of the region has declined drastically since 2010, when several large employers closed-doors and went out of business, or moved out of town, leaving mostly "service work" or manual labor jobs to the local population. Only a handful of medium sized manufacturing companies remain.
Lynchburg, VA is an old college city with a huge student population mixed with local blue collar people.
by Dollie12 May 15, 2021
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