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Basically a set of laws that govern how lunch is to be selected in an office environment. While there are hundreds of nuances which can only be learned through experience, basically :

1. The highest ranking person selects where lunch is to be held.

2. Everyone pays for their own food, except in the case of a birthday or holiday.

3. Everyone must be informed as to where lunch is being held, to plan finances, time, etc.

4. If the highest ranking person asks someone else to select where lunch is to be held, the lower ranking person is to list available areas, and make a selection based upon the higher-ups responses.

5. Lunch laws apply to everyone, even people who are not normally restricted by laws. It is custom, which is stronger than written law. To break lunch law is to invite beheading.
He refused to inform the intern where lunch was being held, and was thus decapitated with the office boxcutter.
by Lunch Nazi May 11, 2004
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