When someone is being stupid and annoying for no reason

Nii : her Erin do u want to smell my stinkaaaay sock
Erin : eww no
Nii: ( shoves sock in Erin's face )

Erin : stop being so LUNPATIOUS
by Niiii124 September 13, 2017
lupatious is a word that describes a dumb or stupid thing or human. Mostly, people who are lupatious are the cause of deforestation or the cause of global warming and the cause of extinction and loss of animals. Fact: there are nearly a loss of 1 million spieces of animals going extinct or nearly extinct in the whole world.
Billy: That new kid is so lumpatious.
Isla: You really think so Billy.
Billy:Of course.
by THE WORD MASTER 1000 November 16, 2021
Lumpatious.Someone that is Snobby, Annoying, Mean,Bad, unpleasant or rude.
Citizens of New Jersey don't be lumpatious.Yes this sentence was from sam and cat.
by NotRyleighthegreat February 12, 2022
In Sam and cat lumpatious means probably annoying disrespectful and wierd
Lumpatious means disrespectful and and annoying
by ZaraObviously November 5, 2020
A negative word that describes people to put themselves on top of other people.
He is very lumpatious. (adjective)
He is lumpating himself to be the best. (verb)
He is running lumaptiously. (adverb)
by enter name here 333 July 7, 2020
An adjective to describe a person who acts snobby, annoying, mean, bad, unpleasant, or rude. This word is used in the Sam & Cat episode, appropriately named, "#Lumpatious."

An insult to a person. Calling someone "Lumpatious" is like calling them a "f@gg0t", a "b1tch".
As an adjective:
Person 1: Hey, I found out that he pulled that embarrassing prank on you.
Person 2: Oh he was so LUMPATIOUS!!!

As an insult:
"Oh, you're SOOOOO LUMPATIOUS!!!!!!"
by scissorsluv April 16, 2022
Call a person a idiot LU-PA-CHUS
Bro you dont know what 3x8 Is? man youre lumpatis
by LIL RES December 1, 2022