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One who poops lube; a prolific enjoyer of anal sex.

The anus is not naturally lubricated, requiring human intervention to fully enjoy butt stuff. This results in a rectum full of jelly, cream, or oil, which must be expelled by sitting right down on the toilet and taking a big, hearty lube poop.

Can be used as a general homophobic slur against straight males or a playful jab at those who unashamedly enjoy getting their butt fucked. Can also be modified into the gerund form, "lube pooping."
A. That guy in the red jacket left me a five dollar tip on a $90 check. What a lube pooper.

B. My boyfriend wanted to try anal sex and he loves it. He can't get enough of my strap-on. He's become a total, lube-pooping butt slut!
by a huge rooster March 26, 2015
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