lower the boom
: 1. To deliver a knockout punch. Prize fight use. ->
: 2. To chatise or punish; to attack with criticism; to treat sternly; to demand obedience. ...
: 3. To prevent another from succeeding; to act in such a manner as to harm another's chances od success.
: From _Dictionary of American Slang_ (1960) by H. Wentworth & S.B. Flexner.
: ----------
: lower the the boom on ... This expression refers to the boom of a sailboat -- a long spar that extends from the mast to hold the foot of the sail. In a changing wind, the boom can swing wildly, leaving one at risk of being struck
: As a sailor, the story ran, he had knocked men overboard with a single punch, when he "lowered the boom" on them. (Dempsey & Stearns, _Round by Round_, 1940)

LOWER THE BOOM - "to reprimand harshly, to stop someone from doing something. A boom is a long spar or pole used to extend the bottom of certain sails; or, it can be a spar that extends upward at an angle from the foot of a mast from which there are suspended objects to be lifted. Derrick, the famous hangman during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, devised the prototype for the ship's boom - a hoist that still bears the inventor's name. Ashore, lowering the boom on someone means to call that person harshly to account. This can be done severely enough to leave one's ears ringing." From "When a Loose Cannon Flogs a Dead Horse There's the Devil to Pay: Seafaring Words in Everyday Speech" by Olivia A. Isil (International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press, McGraw-Hill, 1996)
LOwer the boom as The evil snake Lloyd thought that he and his wench were going to steal all of Joes hard earned money until the beautiful Mrs. Fincher perked high on Jesus mountain top as lovely as and her captivating friend the gracious Mrs. Gail swooped down on the ugly serpent with bad breath and lowered the boom!!! Boom yow! on the scaley beast and knocked him out with a one two punch where he and his rodent wife retreated by the way her name is Debra (hence the term snake in the grass) as the proper authorities hauled them off to prison where they belong. God Bless
by chris a hill April 21, 2008
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Primarily a saying derived from contact sports terminology. Refers to one player blowing the living shit out of another with a solid check, block or tackle. The recepient of said play is usually badly shaken up, from the sound of contact just as much as the actual contact itself. Conventionally, the player who delivers the blow is usually a bit bigger than the recepient. Hence the term "lowering the boom". Some people who have been known to lower the boom are Brian Urlacher, Dwight Freeney, Chris Pronger, Scott Stevens, and even Ben Wallace (one crazy ass motherfucker).
Brian Urlacher: Next time Marvin Harrison cuts into the centre like that on a square in route, I'm lowering the boom on that bugger

Ben Wallace: Foo! You think you gonna drop that fade-away on me, mofucka? Ima lower the boom on you evry time, punk ass foo!
by Tfolt October 03, 2007
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