A young and energetic person that can satisfy all your needs.
Probrably not your present boyfriend.
John: Was my lover.
John: Is no longer my lover.
John: Wants to be my lover again.
John: Does not know how to LOVE
by Sunshine June 14, 2004
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the person you are sleeping with or messing with behind your girlfriend/boyfriend's back
I needed her as a lover, cause i wasnt getting any from my girl
by homewrecker June 01, 2005
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someone you fuck outside a more serioues relationship..
1: yo! brittany is so fuckin' hot!
2: yep..she was my lover when y was dating marcia
by Puhercules July 30, 2009
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A person that you love. You dont really love them however, you just want to have sex with them.
Brian: Hey baby lets get it on!

Marsha: Of course you are a lover!
by arielthealien June 21, 2005
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