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When two lovers have intercourse on the toilet facing each other, and both take a shit at the same time.
the guy sits on the toilet first then the girl mounts him, facing him and both partners shit, love shits
by rick james ya August 11, 2008
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A word used to express i; Feelings of hate and disgust at another animal, vegetable or mineral's actions or state of being OR ii; Feeling of joy and acknowledgement of an animal, vegetable or mineral's actions or state of being.

The paradoxical nature of the word means that multiple interprettations can be derived from a single use. For example, to call a person a loveshit may mean that the person will perceive the word, intentioned to be a compliment, as an offense, or vice versa.

Similarly, in group situations different members may have different interprettations regarding the throwing of the phrase "loveshit" around in general conversation. For this reason loveshit is to be used with caution and is to be handled carefully for fear of the phrase back-firing upon you.

As a way to avoid confusion emphasis in the pronunciation can be used by the wielder to elucidate their intentions:
Positive; You are such a LOVEshit

Negative; You are such a LoveSHIT

Possesive: You are my LOVEshit

Negative reinforcement; If only you weren't such a loveshit

Positive reinforcement; If only you could be a little bit more of a loveshit

Greeting; Heya loveshit

Goodbye; Much love... shit
by David William Pope Esquire October 08, 2007
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When you're pulling a one night stand or just starting to date a girl/guy and you take a dump in their toilet. Not just any dump though, one of the foulest, sloppiest, noisiest and odorous dumps you will ever have!!

Causes: Nerves, fast food, kinky sex etc.
Jimmy: Hey what you doing back so early? Thought you were with that blonde chic?

Carl: She got pissy cause I took a shit in her toilet! I just couldn't hold it in man.

Jimmy: Love shit cock blocking! Love it!
by mit5 February 16, 2011
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