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Someone who obsesses and/or fantasizes about someone else who is never going to love them back the way they want.

Love addicts often fall in love with other addicts, people who are in committed relationships, people who aren't even aware that they exist, or people who are more than happy to abuse and use them.

A love addict's behavior can quickly get out of control, moving from simple fantasizing to stalking. Their moods can shift from euphoria to depression, depending on whether or not they are getting what they want from their love object. They usually need the other person to define their value and self worth, and will often hop from one relationship to another looking for The One.
Milly found Michael's frequent texts asking for her time and attention so annoying that she finally blocked his number. After just one date, she felt his attention was just a little over the top. Sadly, Michael, a love addict, was clueless and continued to pine after Milly long after she had forgotten about him.
by Your Love Voice March 16, 2015
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