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A Northern Virginia County that begain between 1725 and 1730 whem the area was owmed by Lord Fairfax. Loudoun, like many Virginian counties, has a large weatlth of historical markers and sites, most concetrated on the more rual western end of the county. Some historical credits include many battle sites, as well as Mosby's Rangers, and the western end's Quaker architecture. Loudoun County has recently been titled as the Country's richest county and is the 8th fastest growing county in the nation as of March 2006 as stated by the United states Census Bureau. The county seat has been Leeseburg since 1757

Loudoun is often know as L.C. or Lo.Co. by those familiar with the area
I am going to be back in Lo.Co. this weekend, lets visit the Mosby Heritage Area, there are some good vineyard out that way.

Wendy Pepper from Project Runway lives in Loudoun County
by Nicole Denson September 28, 2006
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by L_Roku August 31, 2007
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One word: rich
If you're sitting at home and don't have a life, come waste it with us.
guy 1: *throws a penny in a fountain*
guy 2: *throws wallet overflowing with money into fountain*
guy 1: dude what the hell, you must be from Loudoun county
by realtionary February 02, 2015
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A county in Northern Virginia that is half an extension of Fairfax, half cowfield. Those in the West hate the East, we consider any neighborhood where the houses don't cost at least 500 grand "the Ghetto", and is also the main supporter of Abercrombie and Fitch in all of the U.S. Also known as The L.C. to many of it's residents.
"You got a new Coach bag for the fox hunts?!? That's so Loudoun."
by LCGirl March 06, 2005
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A part of NOVA that makes the rest of Northern Virginia look like stuck up over sheltered rich snobs. It’s packed with a very rich population flooding Ashburn, Sterling, Leesburg ect. There is nothing to do in this county. Oh and I mean nothing. This place sucks. It is also filled with afro white boy "Gangsters" reminiscent of Malibu's most wanted. I’m not fronting or joking either. Go there and see these bammas fo yo self. A trip 30 minute trip to Anacostia in DC might straiten these losers up and make them realize who they really are. God, what a high Population of fake people.
(Guy 1): Reppin Bloods Darkside nigguh

(Guy 2): Um what?!? Where you from.

(Guy 1) : Ashburn in Loudoun county Nigguh!

(Guy 2) : Yeah.....I heard yall some tough gangbanger in the Suburbs......You steal that mercades? Or did your dad buy it?

(Guy 1) : My dad bought it niggah.

(Guy 2): Look, um don't ever speak to me again. Don't ever look at me....Ever. Fake ass punk!
by same king jjjooe July 10, 2008
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Was a fantatstic place in Virginia until all the yuppies moved in, bought up our farmland, and built tacky houses on it. Those of us who still live on farms enjoy the small town mentality places like lovettsville, hillsboro and parts of roundhill still offer. Its really been the eastern part of the county that has given loudoun a bad name. The solution should be to split the county in half :)
The yuppies bought up the old stoneleigh farm in Loudoun County and put up twenty mcmansions in its place.
by 540farm April 03, 2011
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The best county in Northern VA! Ashburn is the best, followed by Broadlands, and then Lauren's house.
"Loudounites are so much cooler than Fairfaxians."
by :O May 31, 2003
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