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when you sit on your nut sack and one of your testicles goes up your ass crack and you have to pull it out. Thats when you loose your marbles.
sean: mate why are you wriggling around like the purple gay wiggle?
Guy: man ive lost my marbles, i might have to hang a shit to pop it back out again. quick go get the chilli.
sean: lost your marbles? man you only ever hear about this kind of shit on the discovery channel.
by Sniff Pull September 17, 2006
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a game involing 2+ people where you lie on the ground on your backs, sides touching, and alternate throwing a marble into the air. if, when it lands, it hits the other person, you get points based on where it hits.
head~50 pts
girl's chest~10 pts
guy's chest~5 pts
leg's~5 pts
feet~1 pt
if it hits you, you subtract that number. play until all the marbles have been thrown, then race around finding them, then lay back down and play again. requires next to no skill, is hysterical, and fun espec. when stoned
"hey man let's play lost your marbles- that game is totally sweet!"
by lauren September 01, 2003
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