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A mental disorder typical in women who have a loser boyfriend.

The woman will be depressed because the loser will not take her anywhere and is completely incapable of doing anything positive for her.

She will constantly whine and complain to other men about how her loser boyfriend makes her miserable but NEVER does anything about it, even if a good man is standing right next to her.

They often find reasons why they can't leave the loser and 100% of the time it's a bullshit reason, they just love to be miserable.

Chances of a woman with this mental disorder pulling out of it is about 1 in 300,000,000,000.

This mental disorder is fatal for the woman afflicted and for any man who isn't a loser that gets involved with her.

Friend: "Yo, Early ask that girl out man, she seems like she digs you."

Early: "Nah man, Jamie has LBFS, also known as loser boyfriend syndrome.
Shes addicted to a loser who can't do anything for her.
If I want a shot I'd have to be a complete loser.
You know, treat her like shit and be a complete drain on her finances, fuck that.
I have too much self respect, too much going on for me, for her to really want me."
by EarlyCuyler June 10, 2010
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