A guy or girl who is hot or sexy. Someone you like to look at, but not yet a crush.
I was at this party and saw Jeff I just knew of him, but once I saw him he definitely turned into my looker!
by haileyjoe June 29, 2010
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normally describes a person... but bitches can also be an exception, means someone is relatively good looking, such as jimsee
"Jimsee u minge... such a looker... you make me jealous!:@"
by YER! November 30, 2004
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A hot guys whose sexy body and gorgeous face makes me look twice at him.
Hot Nick, Ryan Shecker, John the Choir Boy's Brother.

Samantha: The T.A. in my P.E. class is quite a looker.

Devon: Tim Ditty was quite a looker before the sausage mill incident.

by Zoe847 October 28, 2007
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To be a looker means to be looking around like a wierdo idiot who doesn't know what to do.
Josh Lumani is an example of a looker.
by Brett Shillington August 10, 2006
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"Some babe just followed me on the Gram--she's a looker. I'll slide into her DMs later"
by NillaThunder February 18, 2016
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If that nigga jimjim keeps eyeballin' me, ima pop him 'tween the lookers.
by BUDDISON February 15, 2009
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A term used in ball sports to describe the act of a player scoring a point without looking at the ball.
Jerry: Guys, check this one out!
*Jerry proceeds to throw a basketball in the hoop while looking at his friends*
Jerry's friends: Woah, that was a real No Looker!
by LeapMan May 18, 2021
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