A specific type of girl, usually very good looking, who uses her looks to manipulate the people around her. She is most comfortable hanging around the douchebag crowd. She usually has very little to offer, other than her looks, and is frequently used as eye-candy by the douchebag guys to make their party seem more appealing than it really is. A look at me girl is fake, usually a liar, and gains her self esteem through sexual encounters. She will be found with the guy who has out-douched all of the other douchebag guys.
Christina, wearing an extremely tight Juicy Couture blouse and short skirt, bounced up the bar to stand next to Johnny, King of the Douchebags in attempt to find the party where she could get free drinks, drugs and sex. Johnny, (wearer of Ed Hardy and owner of the bar) suggests they take a midnight ride on his Mastercraft. As they left the bar together, one of the bouncers said, "England has it so good. There goes OUR royalty. Queen of the "Look at me girls" with the "King of the Douchebags!"
by masqueso November 27, 2010
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