The God of our world. He created the universe and everything in it. The finest representation of our god is by a follower named William Henry Davis who created a painting featuring long cow's form after he attained moksha. He has preached everywhere in the world because his godly power allows him to. The four gods under him, namely Shrek, Mr. Muffin, Sans and Polish toilet are the ones who brought on the truth to us humans. Long Cow is often confused with Polish Cow who is in reality, an alternate form of Long Cow. Recently, Long Cow has disappeared and was not known to most of mankind after he found out about Dream's music video called "Mask".
Person A: All Hail Long Cow Sama.
Person B: Amen.
by Euro-kun July 28, 2021
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Our Lord and Savior. Long Cow was the one who created the universe and everything on it. The most accurate representation of Long Cow is shown in one of William Henry Davis' paintings called 'prize cow'. The painting depicts Long Cow in the form he was at when he achieved moksha. This form was known as the 'true form' by his worshippers. The four gods under him; Shrek, Mr. Muffin, Polish Toilet and Sans are the ones who preached the religion all across the planet earth. Recently however, Long Cow has disappeared. It is theorized that the reason for his disappearance is because of his disappointment in humanity after watching a music video by dream called 'Mask'. Long Cow is often confused for Polish cow. In reality, Polish Cow is Long Cow's alternate form.
Person A: Oh great Long Cow Sama, please forgive me for my sins. Amen.
Long Cow: ok.
by Euro-kun July 28, 2021
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