When one waits anxiously for a text, email, im etc. and they never recieve one. They contantly check but don't get any.
Sydney was on the computer all night suffering from digital loneliness.
by Timmeh-San May 2, 2009
To masturbate several times a day in order to forget or lose interest in the fact that you are terribly alone.
by one oh one September 18, 2011
Feeling lonely even though you're not alone.
"I was in a party of 500 and I felt lonely" or "I was in The walkways of New York but I felt lonely" or "I got my best friends over but I'm feeling lonely" because I had Crowded Loneliness.
by the42project September 6, 2014
Modern Loneliness,

We're never alone but always depressed, love my friends to death but I never call and I never text
I'm having a bad case of Modern Loneliness
by Queen of hearts ♡♡ May 23, 2020
Happy kid: "hey do you have any best friends?"
Depressed kid: "yea..."
Happy kid: "well, what's their names?"
Depressed kid: "darkness and loneliness"
by TacoJay October 31, 2018
The feeling you feel at the instant you have something to say, but no one to say it to, except your twitter or facebook status.
The number of twitters she made each day suggested to us she was suffering from a severe case of cyber-loneliness
by nzmidge February 17, 2010