The capital of the world, there is nowhere better, the people are friendly and courtious, there are so many different smells and sounds, u can get almost any type of food u want, its easy to get to different places on the tube, don't get a cab (robbin bastards), we've got thousands of tourist attractions (buckingham palace etc) we've got several great football teams (spurs, arsenal, west ham, chelsea), the crime is not as bad as lots of people say (number 11 on the British crime league table), all in all london is the capital of the universe, to anyone who comes to london and hates it, i feel sorry for u.
London rules, big shout out to all the peoples of the world.
by london123 May 25, 2006
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A name for a very amazing, beautiful girl. She's warmhearted and sweet and will help anyone in need, especially animals and the homeless. She has beautiful eyes and hair. She's very outgoing and oftentimes crazy and a little weird, but people love her regardless because she is herself and that's what matters most. London basically means "amazing all around".
Girl: So my new girlfriend's name is London.

Other girl: Oh sweet! That means she's amazing!
by That0Ajay0Kid June 03, 2011
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Slang for "toilet" in Indian English

Origins - The struggle for freedom during the British Raj, when policies passed in London (capital of the UK) were largely unpopular in the Indian sub-continent.
I'm going to London to look at the Queen, meaning "I'm gonna go take a dump (wishfully thinking it would land on the Queen of England)"
by noassassin December 06, 2010
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london is a cute boy who is a great boyfriend and someone who will make you happy all the time.Hes a great kisser,kind,and he has a great personality an overall great person.He is someone you would never want to lose and a great friend.
Lucy:do you know london
Daniella:yea he’s so hot
Lucy:I want him so bad
Daniella:to bad!hes mine!!
via giphy
by Mariah Zeneca October 15, 2019
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The cultural and political capitol of the UK. Visit in winter when the tourist aint there.
London is at it best in November, fewer americans
by Blackflag January 27, 2004
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London is very intelligent , she always has her hand up . She is really pretty but sassy so your bold to ask her out , but she likes bold . She’s quiet but she’s still pretty popular .(if she knows you she talks all day ) She has loads of friends , but stays close to real ones . She’s confident and likes to help others . Her parents gave her that name because they could tell from the womb she was a social butterfly , like the city .
Guy : She’s hot but I’m kind of scared she’ll say no

Another guy : Well than I will

London : Sure at least your not a wimp like the other guys to ask me . You guys know I’m not deaf I can hear your conversations.
by Caleb Baxter November 13, 2018
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A unisex name that is named after the capital of England. London can also be loud and funny, and likes dark and creepy things. Although London is dark, she can be super nice and funny, but stubborn. London may be called London bridge, London Tiptin, or maybe Londonna. Either way, London loves the attention.
Damn, that girl is loud as London!
by Jokes_spikey February 02, 2017
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