Two people use a toilet, one sitting down and the other standing over urinating at the same time between the sitter's legs.
I have to pee too... Should I London Bridge?
by jcwashere July 25, 2017
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Usually a FFM sex position where the man lays down and the other partners sit on either end of him holding each other's arms.
This London Bridge is NOT falling down.
by SoulDoc July 16, 2020
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a woman having the urge to wanna pull down her panties for a hot guy, so many crazy meanings to the word that sickos have overlooked the fact that in the video, Fergie's is standing on the table and her panties show the British flag. the video shot really gives a pretty obvious hint if you think about her British panties, the man she seduces in the video, and the lyrics. it connects.
These crazy pseudo-porno definitions of Fergie's new slang would make Fergie's London Bridge stay up and relocate elsewhere.
by Mr. Bob Vious August 30, 2006
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A sexual position akin to an eiffel tower. Much cooler than the foursome brand, its threesome variant features two ladies and a gentleman. The gentleman will lie down on his back with his member erect. One lady will then mount his genitals, while the other straddles his face. The two ladies should be facing one another and may make contact, if desired. The gentleman will perform intercourse and cunnilingus as applicable. If they choose, when approaching climax, the participants may exclaim "the London Bridge is falling down!" as they will no doubt be so fatigued when they finish, that they will collapse upon one another.
Frank took his two lady friends into the back and performed a London Bridge. What a lucky guy!
by TCoss November 15, 2006
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The act of four individuals engaging in simultaneous doggy style facing each other while the penetrators high five each other.
Last night was crazy, I've never London bridged before.
by Dirkdigler14 August 5, 2017
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In a foursome with two girls and two guys: During penetration, the girl is facing forward and the guy is holding her up by her legs and her feet are off of the ground, and another couple is doing the same facing you. The two girls lean forward and brace their hands against each other creating a peak, forming the shape of a bridge.
My buddy and I are trying to London Bridge these two slams.
by scoreshack March 12, 2015
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When two guys take a girl and make a bridge, one taking the girls arms and the other taking the girls legs. They continue to have fun until the bridge falls down. If or when this occurs then all partys have to yel "London bridge is falling down!!"
Hey me and a mate of mine brought this girls back home and made The London bridge out of her. We lasted 5 minutes before the bridge collapsed
by cheese13 August 1, 2019
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