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Considered the new internet meme.

Lolumad? is used to condescendingly annoy an angry or frustrated person. Best used to further ignite the wrath of a pwned player or an infuriated blogger.
Blogger: What the hell, gas prices are so high, I hate this administration for being such incompetent tards.

Shit Disturber: lolumad?
by The Original Lolumad? September 10, 2006
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when u make some 1 mad when playin cs or any other game and u say, lolumad ???
player1 : WTF ??? that guys is fu*king bullsh*t , he killed me again !!!fu*kin kick him !!...

player2 (killer): LoLuMaD ???
by Vellaaaaaaaaaaa August 21, 2006
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A phrase used to ridicule and annoy anyone who is angry or ranting on a forum. It's a mixture of the words "Lol u mad?"
and is written to give the raging poster the feeling that people are laughing at their anger. This is a very effective phrase in many gaming forums.
Poster: OMFG, Everything is so freaking OP(overpowered) and i can't do crap in PvP(Player vs. Player).

Replier: Lolumad?
by WGBEntertainment June 22, 2010
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A word used by gamers who are arguing over the internet, often used to frustrate or anger the other person.
Player A: man u suck at counter-strike, i killed u like 40 times in a row!!11

Player B: Next time play me without using your hacks you fucking cheater.

Player A: lolumad?
by Zastro April 07, 2009
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laugh out loud are u mad. This is said while draping other kids/noobs in games such as TF2, counter strike 1.6, counter strike source, Promod etc. Must be said with both the exclamation mark and the question mark. When saying in real life you must sound like you are asking a question while sound excited to increase the effect of the word.
Fahim: Honestly josh is hack... what hacker i walk cat and he headshots me through the wall from lower B.
by November 16, 2007
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A saying e-tard socially incompetent nerds use to argue with people on the internet.

It's usually said when the nerd can't find anything decent to say so they let their social incompetence shine through by saying "lolumad?"
Person: Nerds think they're cool because they have like 150 elf magicians.

Nerd:noobz0rz lolumad? cuz I pwn you lawlawl bubasow bewbs mudkipz.
by Shawn Beoulve October 23, 2008
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A term that a bad Counter-Strike clan spammed us with.
Person A: LoLUMaD?
Person B: LoLUMaD?
Person A: LoLUMaD?
Person B: LoLUMaD?
Person A: LoLUMaD?
Person B: LoLUMaD?

Us: OMG we don't know how to ban with RCON only.
by Divredux August 02, 2006
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