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Laughing out loud at something funny when you suddenly realize what your laughing at is about yourself, the person was serious, or is extremely awkward.
Situation A: When I was 14 I had my gf at my house and we were making out in my room, we couldn't fuck because my mom kept walking around the house and i had to leave the door open. So we decide to go swimming in the creek behind my house. We're in the water and I've been nailin her for like 2 minutes and I feel something weird on my nuts. I feel my balls and jump off of her and there is a leach clinched on to my ball sack. Neither one of us knew how to get it off, so we go back to the house and I have to pull out my nuts and let my parents put salt on my balls and remove this fucking leach. As they are removing the leech and my balls are bleeding from the thing sucking my blood, my dad brings up the fact that my cock is greasy and my mom sniffs my cock and says yes he had a rubber on and then have a nice sex talk with me and the gf. This was a little awkward.

Garth: LolololololWAITwut?

Mike: Dude... I wanted to have sex with lizzy so bad, i dropped a fucking rock on her head... now she's not moving
Gunther: lolololololWAITwut?
by Xanceo December 04, 2009
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