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Lolibooru is a type of Hentai that caters to pedophiles. The word "Lolibooru" literally means: young girl imageboard. What is Lolibooru? It's basically child porn (females are always the victim) in the form of hentai. It's a pretty nice thing to watch or wank off to on your spare time, if you're a pedo.

There's actually 2 different types of Lolibooru. The first type is Lolicon, basic shit really just young adults, pre-teens etc. getting raped or being in some kind of sexual activity. Second type is Toddlercon, just by the name you'll relize, very young children are involved with this type. Toddlercon is banned on most Booru forums mainly because or how morally wrong it is.

But anyways, the most plot you'll get out of this fucked up shit is really just maybe some young man or middle aged man raping a little girl (most of the time anyway).
1. I like to jerk off to Lolibooru when I'm tired of my standard vanilla Hentai.

2. Lolibooru makes me feel less bad about my child fetish
by Crispy Crisp March 24, 2017
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