Hot cartoon that junior wanked off to in his high school years even found a similar looking girl at the gyme a few years later.

Lola bunny (hot cartoon bunny) whom junior would love to devour her booty

Or Lola bunny the ALSO HOT girl from the gyme that junior let slip through his hands (accidentally)

Either way, Lola bunny is what gives junior the egomaniac a RAGING HARD ON, even juniors dad had it in for her, jeez

Junior grimes’ childhood crush is Lola bunny among MANY OTHER girls
Lola bunny is the hottest piece of ass I’ve ever seen” -junior, probably

“Dude, you need a girlfriend” -everyone to junior
by Reggie capers December 4, 2021
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-Bugs's girlfriend
-the chick bunny basketball player on Space Jam
"Don't ever call me doll..." said Lola Bunny
by *MICHI* April 1, 2003
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1 Affectionate term for those named Laura. A way to differentiate between multiple friends named Laura (Lola, Lola Bunny, Lolita, Laura, Laurie).

2 Female pink rabbit in Looney Tunes cartoons, most notibly from Space Jam.
1 I called Lola Bunny on the phone to complain about my roommate Laura.

2 Lola Bunny plays basketball well, for a girl (and for a cartoon).
by LyssaLou May 14, 2006
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Coworker 1: Something seems different about Patricia from accounting
Coworker 2: Yeah, she had a reverse Lola Bunny
by Trash rook April 6, 2021
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