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lol should not be accredible at any time. however if need be used, if you hear a statement that is funny and you want to let person know that you literally laughed out loud, it is lol worthy.
Kevin: Let's have a playdate sweet pea.

Sweet Pea: That was lol worthy, what are we toddlers?
by BAlleRinAZ April 14, 2009
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Quite simply, when something is worthy of 'lol's.
Kid 1 "Remember that time you *insert hilarious incident*!"
Kid 2 "Man, that was lol-worthy!!"
by Mr. Ment November 04, 2007
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something that you actually lolled at, or would have lolled at if you didn't feel like such a loser laughing when there was no one to hear
p1: ahh dans such a fag
p1:did you actually laugh?
p2:yeh it was lolworthy
by R+A January 14, 2008
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Something funny enough for a lol. Of course when people say lol they probably aren't laughing out loud.
Person 1: "Have you been on lolcats?"
Person 2: "Yeah, it is definitely lolworthy"
by A man from another country December 29, 2007
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When something is worthy of being laughed out loud at.
"Did you see Superbad?"
"Yeah, it was pretty funny, but not lol worthy."
by /Buttsecks?/ February 21, 2008
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Lolworthy should be used when someone or something has performed something which should be laughed out load to.
The word was invented by Robert Shaw when he was bored of using the lol phrase on MSN.
Ashley:Dude ur such a retard
Bob: Ha ha but your LOLWORTHY
by afro_pubez April 10, 2008
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