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A subliminal sub-genre of conscious hip-hop that is characterized by the high-utilization of elements such as introspection and seeks to engage with elements of human emotion. Elements such as high distortion as well as mellow sounds are more prominent features of any lofi hip-hop soundtrack.

Great examples of lofi hip-hop artists and producers include Substantial, Nujabes, Jinsang, Vanilla, J a r j a r, beatmachineron, and literally MILLIONS more of these talented individuals
Some of the best lofi hip-hop producers originate from Japan. Some of the best lofi hip-hop rappers originate from the underground hip-hop scene in the United States.
by Shatta905 June 23, 2017
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The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
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A music genre in which you listen to when you are depressed, doing homework, or both.
Bob: YA, imago liste to some lofi hip hop
Tifanny; Why?
Bob: Cuz im depressed and i need to do HW
by Jimboooooooooo420 April 04, 2019
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LoFi hiphop, or 'Jazzhop' is an aesthetic of Hiphop music where the sound quality is lower than that of average music. LoFi refers to the quality of the music. Low-Fidelity.
If you are looking for unique chill beats, LoFi hiphop is the way to go!
by Ι― August 27, 2018
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