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A euphemistic term used to describe the culture of people of east Asian descent, such as Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. It implies that said peoples descend on a given resource (food, homeopathic remedies) and devour said resource until it is gone. Examples are; the decimation of tiger populations, illicit ivory trade, global fishing stocks, bear gall bladder, shark fin soup, giant clam, bear paw soup, etc. The idiocy of modern human beings destroying natural resources and animal life due to cultural backwardness, myth and barbarism abounds in the aforementioned cultures with no guilt on their part what so ever!
Oh my God, don't tell Li Chang about the giant clams here, or the Locust people with eat them all!

Gee, I sure hope the locust people don't kill all the sharks and elephants in the world!

The Locust people say that eating bear paw soup is good for the Yang, but with over 1.5 billion of them, I think their Yangs are doing just fine!
by DEMHATER August 06, 2017
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