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Calling someone a loaner douche is to imply that someone is a douche (or douchebag), but to an -extreme- degree. It means that the douche is SUCH a douche that they aren't even a FRESH douchebag. They are SUCH a horrible douche, that it seems as though they got the douche loaned to them from someone else who had already used it.... a nasty, disgusting -loaner- douche. It can also be used to agree with someone else being called a douche. This word is to be used with extreme caution, as only the most doucheyest of douches really deserve to be called a loaner douche. It first originated in Avon, IN amongst a group of friends.
"Dude, he's not -normal- douche. He's a effing loaner douche."

Bob: "God, what a douche!"
Tom: "Loaner douche."
Bob: "Exactly."
by Alycia H. April 17, 2008
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Loaner-douche is just another way to write loaner douche.
*See loaner douche for definition.
He's not just, like... a -normal- douche. He's a loaner-douche (or loaner douche)."
by Alycia H. April 20, 2008
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