its an word that is used for laughs or memes like AYY LMAO
or (Laughing my ass off)
kid: look at this video
kid2: haha lmao
by SuperSlayKid December 25, 2017
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It means “laughing my ass of’ of if your a depressed kid it could mean laughing my anxiety off
Hi (say something funny)

Hello (say something depressing)
by Egril December 21, 2019
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A ritual admidst the for honor community that whenever you play the game with a voice actor of some character for a youtube video or some other platform they, the voice actor, have to say lmao get bodied in their characters voice as loud as possible
Its the end of the youtube video and its time
Youtuber:"Alright man you know what time it is right? You gotta say the scentence"
The voice actor:"ok ok..... LMAO GET BODIED!!!!"
by Kebab_warrior69 October 27, 2021
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