"*LMAO*" is used just online.
This word mean "*Laugh My Ass Off*"
Is used just when someone or may be you make something funny or cool.
Alex:"Heh I just jump over his head and he didn't fell me!"
Amy:"LMAO. That was cool!"
by iiSmartieChocolate January 03, 2017
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people use this when things are funny, it’s annoying, used in text, similar to lol
by anonymousosy December 02, 2020
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An acronym that used to mean Laughing My Ass Off.

It has since lost its meaning and is now used as an interjection in any sentence for no reason.
Lmao hey what's up , wanna come to my house today? Lmao
by samdarnellsucksdannydimesgood October 06, 2020
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Lmao is a slang used by teens and kids, sometimes adults, "LMAO" Means "Launching Missles At Orphanages" If U hear anyone saying this. Call the police. 🚨
by ASSCHEEKWITHADICK November 24, 2020
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