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Lizbeth Carbajal is a very creative and talented girl, and often has dark brown hair.

A Lizbeth Carbajal is a bundle of joy! She can light up a room with her smile.. She's the bestest friend that you could have! She can deal with your craziness and fangirling.. She'll even fangirl with you on different topics! (Cough) Mostly based on Twenty One Pilots.. (Cough) She'll help you with your problems and personal battles.. she's always there when you need a shoulder to cry on, and/or need a killer to kill the person or jerk that hurt you.. she'll try her best to make sure you believe you're a god damn treasure.. she'll make sure you believe you're all the opposite of what those demons in your head tells you or the person that is bullying you.. she'll make you believe you're not a mistake, but the thing is.. she doesn't tell herself those wonderful words.. she's the definition of beautiful, caring, funny, and that one person that you never want to stop talking to! Yes she has her battles! But She's Strong and defeats them! Lizbeth Carbajal Is The Best Person You'll Ever Meet!
by AwkwardSmolPotato August 21, 2017
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