To live in the country, far away from any major city or urban center. Living in Suburbia does not count.

Living in the sticks requires a person to reside in an area that is well forested, has farmland, and maybe some dirt roads.

Because people live in these rural areas, they are surrounded by trees, which are known as sticks. Trees are a most common thing in these areas...

Folks who live in the sticks are often refferred to as:hicks or country blumpkins or rednecks or hillbilly or farmer or ruralite

Language- English, interspersed with poor grammar and lots of double negatives.

Contrast- concrete jungle,suburbs,city
Kruti: Where do you live?
Ankit: Far away from civiliztion.
Kruti: Oh, you live in the country! Living in the sticks, eh?
Ankit: Yeah, the nearest convienence store is 20 miles away.
by g-diggity May 19, 2008
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a dismissive way to describe someone who hails from an unsophisticated region. The city mouse would describe the country mouse as "living in the sticks."
City dweller to country bumpkin: "You are a hick and you live in the sticks."
by nycounsel September 11, 2013
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