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A really small short white Mexican wanna be. He wears glasses and is a midget. No one loves him because he plays to much madden mobile.
Girl: Damn it's little lui playing madden again
by Lhebxhrnkdjxnf March 08, 2017
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A really short person, that's is hard to love. He is mexican, but looks Asian. Because he is. His real name is Luis. He says his madden account is good, but it sucks! His love is in midget people, because he is one. He also thinks that cowboys are better then the patriots when they aren't. He looks 4.6, he wears glasses and is whiter then paper. He has a small body, small nose, small eyes,small ears. His love life is nonexistent. He always gets off at the wrong bus stop and swears a lot on the phone and doesn't like being called a midget, but everyone still calls him one. HE IS A MIDGET!!!
John: Have you met little lui?
Ethan: Yeah! The midget?
John: Yeah the MIDGET!!!
by NOT LITTLE LUI'S FRIEND March 15, 2017
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