noun It means "orgasm". The origin of this phrase is the french language.
Oh, every time we do doggie results in a little death.
by eugeni November 22, 2004
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An idiom for orgasm; particularly the state of post orgasmic unconsciousness that some may experience
After a night out, she went home and experienced a little death.
by The Xbox Controller February 17, 2015
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An euphemism denoting orgasm as used by Korn in "Last Legal Drug" song. The Little Death is a translation of the French "Le Petit Mort", meaning "a little/small death", since some women seem to faint or they really do while experiencing an orgasm which makes them look like dead for a while.
She experienced the little death when her boyfriend put all five fingers inside her.
by necrotism September 26, 2007
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What the French call an Orgasim. It harks back to the Middle Ages when only midgets were allowed to have orgasms.
Speaking of killing, do you know what the French call an orgasm? "The little death." It's true. Read the Bible
by fatdiction April 14, 2011
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The feeling of shame, your soul dying a little inside after you masturbate or have meaningless sex.
Frank was enamored with Michelle the whole night; a feeling that also resonated with her. After the 40s were drank-ed and the loudpac was smoketh-ed, the two intermingled their engorged and lubricious members until he abruptly reached climax . Experiencing The Little Death, he quickly realized that she wasn't as cute...funny...or engaging as he once thought. An Uber arrived shortly after.....which he secretly ordered for her from her phone.
by Dick.Diligence September 16, 2017
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A standing 69 in which the man does squats until his legs begin to wobble.
When he can squat no more the woman gets piledriven.
"Hey Mason. You have fun last night?"
"Yeah! She wanted Just a Little Death Wobble..."
by Ronald Ron Ronson April 3, 2021
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