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An actual challenge, not a prank, to see how long one can withstand swishing a full shot (the cup attached on the bottle) of Listerine - *Cool Mint* inside their mouth.

This is usually very difficult to do for most people, given the fact that the formula for most Listerine products gives a burning sensation that damages the sensitive tissue inside your mouth.

But on the plus side, the victim of the Listerine Challenge gets a cleaner, fresher, mouth.

**this is in no way promoting the products of Listerine, or any dentists.

See also: cinnamon challenge
Friend 1: "Hey, you want to try the Listerine Challenge?"

Friend 2: "Okay, what do I do?"

Friend 1: "Swish this small cup full of Listerine - Cool Mint, in your mouth for 30 seconds, and you'll get 10$ dollars."

Friend 2: "Challenge accepted."

10 seconds later...

Friend 2: "Fuuuuuuuuuuu!!1!!"
by Poop The Human August 27, 2012
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Drinking a whole bottle of Listerine, a mouthwash. Listerine contains 27% alcohol and is equivalent to 22 shots.
Idiot #1: Should we get vodka or listerine?
Idiot #2: Listerine of course no ID dude
Idiot #1: Let's chug it and call it the listerine challenge
by Fluffleh November 23, 2018
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Something that's only a challenge for the lowest most disgusting people. If you have an oral STD or no hygiene from basement dwelling and tendies eating than you may find holding Listerine in your mouth challenging. But if you aren't a cousin fucking piece of garbage its no challenge at all and doesn't hurt lol
I woulda made out with the bitch but she couldn't do the Listerine challenge for 30 secs so imma pass on catching that gum disease
by Frunkis fag November 14, 2018
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