A lipstick party is similar to a Rainbow Party. All the girls put different colored lipsticks and give guys blow jobs in the dark. when the lights are turned back on, the guys try to guess which girl gave them the blow job. Referenced on The O.C. on 5-04-06
At a Lipstick Party:

Guy #1: Okay, this looks like more of a rose than a pink. Was it... Sarah?

Girl #1: No, Silly! Sarah's is a light fuscia! Mine's rose!

Guy #1: I think my dick would look good with a little fuscia...

Girl #1: yayyyy (slut)
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A party where people give each other hickies. ALL genders welcome but, they have to do both genders and the goal is to get and receive a hickie from all the players. And tell no one about the party because it's secretive.
guy#1 Let's have a lipstick party
girl#1Sure we need at least 3 guys and 3 girls

guy#1 OK but it must be kept a secret
girl#1 And no strings attached
by Jinx Meister March 13, 2016
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