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the extra plumpness around the labia on a female.
Jesse was about to go down on Miranda when he got smothered by her mean lip cheese.
by cock boy dood April 22, 2008
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Lip cheese is the white crusty, goo-like stuff that accumulates in the corners of your mouth when you sleep/ and or talk alot. When people see you have lip cheese it is a major turn off, it probably makes them want to throw up all over everywhere. Its best to frequently check the corners of your mouth for lip cheese.
Dude, that chick i made put with last night had a massive amount of lip cheese, it tasted like garbage!
by Ptatters August 14, 2009
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A pasty, white substance that forms in the corners of one's mouth after exercising...
Adam knew he had met the girl of his dreams, but the only thing holding him back from marrying her was her severe case of lip cheese...
by Adam Montgomery Henry September 13, 2006
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(n) 1. A nasty, festering case of cheese in the vaginal area. It is directly related to the male form of fromunda cheese.
(n) 2. Large, white, chunky fungus growing from the genital region.
(n) 3. The crust that forms on an unwashed sideways sloppy joe.
Kasey hasn't showered in so long she has developed a nasty case of lip cheese.

Sara, please don't mistake my lip cheese for cream cheese and place it on your bagel!
by Crystal and Ramsey April 26, 2008
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