pretty, curvy redheaded girl, who is a great actress and singer.
"lindsay lohan is a really great actress and singer"
by thetreacletramp August 14, 2005
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Same as Hilary duff-relies on present fame and image for success.

Not very talented, but at least has more talent then Hilary Duff. She can dance a little BIT AND CO-WRITES HER SONGS. hER ACTING SKILLS AREN'T GREAT, BUT THEY'RE A LOT BETTER than hilary duff's.

Also she has a more mature personality.
Lindsay Lohan is a redhead.
by dfsdfsd May 04, 2005
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Beautiful talented teen, who can act well, and unlike Hilary Duff, doesnt manage to bollocks everything up
Lindsay is such a babe. She has huge tits too.
by Josh March 01, 2005
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An actress/singer somewhat in the likes of Hilary Duff. Nowadays she is battling a rumor that she had bullemia (although she did mysteriously lose a lot of weight) and trying to shake her disney-girl image by returning to her natural hair color and doing much more rock-type music.

Lohan is a popular subject among people who have nothing better to do than to insult people online. Contrary to popular belief, she CAN act quite well, she IS very good-looking, she did NOT get a boob job, and there is no denying that she CAN carry a tune. She's starting to get rid of her teen idol image and be more of a talent but first she has to stop being a celebrity sellout bitch.
Prep: oh emm geee. I <3 lindsay lohan's first CD
Punk: shut up bitch her second CD was good but the first was pop.
by family tree-strings January 19, 2006
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I redarded red head who gives a new definition to "dumb blonde"

Also the nickname i have that i HATE, as i hate lindsay lohan with every ounce of my five fott tall being
Evil girl at school: Hey LINDSAY LOHAN!!

Me (lindsay/lizzie) : Bite me bitch!
by Lindsay not Lohan May 10, 2005
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Slang which refers to Cocaine, Coke, Crack, Blow, Yayo, Snow, white girl, etc because of the actress most recently in the tabloids and her association with the drug cocaine.
fiend: Yo lemme get some of that white girl.
dealer: Oh you mean some lindsay lohan! Fo sho!
by mackin909 November 01, 2007
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A teen actress/singer who recently made public her battle with bulimia and drug use. LIndsay makes almost 7 million dollars a picture and is a staple at Hollywood and New York hot spots. She is constantly in the spotlight and has probably been in about 1500 tabloids this year, at least. Unlike some actresses LIndsay has admitted that she suffers from an eating disorder and is willing to be vulnerable to the world. Lindsay has recently chosen very serious movie roles and will probably continue to be successful in Hollywood.
I am proud of Lindsay Lohan for being honest with her fans and her most recent announcement will hopefully encourage other stars to admit their weaknesses.
by JAP030 January 04, 2006
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